Letters of Recommendation


Jon Lambert asked me if I would write him a letter of recommendation. Each year I am approached by a number of students or colleagues to write letters of this nature, but I end up only recommending a few of them.


It is my pleasure to write this letter for Jon. I have known him since the sports information office at The College of New Jersey hired him to shoot action photos of its athletic teams a number of years ago. I worked with him in the coordination and scheduling of shooting each of the 20 sports the institution sponsors. I have since moved onto a new position, but feel strongly enough in his abilities to help in any way I can.


While working with Jon, his work spoke for itself, but it was his flexibility, timeliness and respectfulness of the student-athletes and coaches that separated him from other photographers. He would capture any special shot that we were looking for and made sure that we had all of the images in a very timely fashion.


In my view, Jon is one of the best photographers I have worked with in my 15-plus years in the sports information field, and that includes the countless number of NCAA events that I have been involved with during that time.





Lyle M. Fulton





It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words; a statement that I completely agree with. The only question is if those thousand words are positive or negative. To me the value of quality pictures is extremely high. Not only do pictures vividly capture moments and time and create a history, they provide the opportunity to communicate and more effectively connect with my stakeholders. I share that to add context to my recommendation. Mr. Lambert worked with our football team for a season and was allowed all-access. His work was unbelievable. The story that he captured with his images was so amazingly strong that I had a graphic designer use them to create a book to tell the story of that season. I have learned that many people can take a technically perfect picture, but very few people have the creative eye to take a picture that tells a story. Mr. Lambert has the ability to do both and I enthusiastically recommend him to you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or further comments on my recommendation for Mr. Lambert.






Doug Peters Former Athletic Director (Minnesota State University Moorhead)